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Gustavo Prado

2. Measure of Dispersion (series) sculpture / In Stride

In Stride

_ Metal and Mirrors
36 x 36 x 36" (approx.)
New York, July 2016

Time Equities Inc. Art-in-Buildings is pleased to announce the newest exhibition at the West 10th Window: Gustavo Prado, In Stride (Measure of Dispersion Series). Prado's work explores the dynamics of space – public, private, and personal – through sculpture, drawing, performance, photography and video. In the Measure of Dispersion Series (2014-ongoing), Prado has developed a highly mutable system of modular metal structures and blind spot mirrors. The artist deploys these ordinary materials in a fluctuating array of combinations that can resemble clouds, columns, growing vines, alien spaceships, and elaborate security systems. In Stride most closely resembles the latter: the simple blind spot mirrors reflect the world in elaborate patterns, fragmenting bodies and environment, while also recalling the materials used to disguise the gaze of surveillance cameras. Prado situated In Stride atop a reflective floor, further amplifying the disjunctive effects of the mirrors. In Stride, like all works from the Measure of Dispersion Series, compels viewers to approach with a siren call of reflections and #selfie opportunities. The work is simultaneously engaging and alarming, reflective and recording, voyeuristic and surveying. As such, In Stride echoes the complex and layered experiences that manifest in public spaces. 

The series “Measure of Dispersion” is comprised of sculptures and installations that aim to amplify and manipulate the spectator’s field of vision through the use of blind spot mirrors and a modular metal structure. It uses ordinary materials that are combined in different ways to reconfigure the apprehension of one's surroundings, and change one's own sense of location.

Rather than capturing a specific moment like a camera, the mirrors reflect a fragmented body seen from uncontrollable angles and different points in space simultaneously. The resulting viewer experience is a challenge to the impulse to project preconceived assumptions onto what we see: we are made to test our sense of familiarity with our surroundings and, more importantly, with ourselves.

Interview about the project.

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