1. Measure of Dispersion
series / public art

2. Measure of Dispersion
series / sculptures

3. Measure of Dispersion
series / wall sculptures

4. Ascension
series / legos

5. Martyrdom
series / legos
6. Displaced
series / sculpture

7. Intersected
series / sculpture

8. Contortionist
series / sculpture

9. Harlem Turrell
series / photography

10. Oedipus Eyes
series / photography

12. Collision Collusion
video, painting

13. Icarus

14. Perceptible
series / sculpture

Gustavo Prado

Collision Collusion (series) painting, video

Collision Collusion Collision
_ Serigraphy, 60 x 60cm
Colisão Conluio Colisão, Lurixs Gallery
Rio de Janeiro, August 2018

“Collision Collusion Collision” is a development of what first started as a series of paintings containing the two words from the title plus the word “illusion.” They explore in both Portuguese and English - the current underlining message of our political climate, the inner dynamics of reading and interpreting a text, the legacy of Brazil’s Concrete Poetry, and the present use of text in painting.

Collision Collusion Collision
Video, 02:37
Rio de Janeiro, October 2018 

This Typography Animation expands the paintings’ interest on text towards a more fragmented realm of media platforms and a more ambitious mission. To use Times Square as the support to relate and comment on the cacophony and over-paced nature of news. Where all messaging seems to converge and nothing stands out, where the same conflict-oriented cycle seems to take a different shape every day, while reinforcing the same views. Where the promise to inform and convince had only taken us to a more polarized state.

Tweet, pundit, pivot, flip, double down, fact check, corroborate, distort, overturn, revision, alter, depose, rally, donate, grandstand, mobilize, empower, obstruct, energize, polarize, gerrymander, reelect, hate, impeach, oversaturate, overwhelm, denounce, doubt, believe, normalize, spin, stream, hack, vote...

Collision, collusion, collision, collusion, collision, collusion, collision, collusion, collision, collusion, collision…

Collision Collusion Collision
_ video installation
Time Square, Midnight Moment (proposal rendering)
New York, October 2018

Collision Collusion Collision
_ video installation
Hollywood Art and Culture Centre
Miami, January 2020

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