1. Measure of Dispersion
series / public art

2. Measure of Dispersion
series / sculptures

3. Measure of Dispersion
series / wall sculptures

4. Ascension
series / legos

5. Martyrdom
series / legos
6. Displaced
series / sculpture

7. Intersected
series / sculpture

8. Contortionist
series / sculpture

9. Harlem Turrell
series / photography

10. Oedipus Eyes
series / photography

12. Collision Collusion
video, painting

13. Icarus

14. Perceptible
series / sculpture

Gustavo Prado


Perceptible 3
_ Metal, Fabric, Light Bulbs
5 x 5 x 5'
Rio de Janeiro, April 2003

Perceptible 3 was a site-specific installation that placed the idealized clean forms used in Perceptible Sun Clock against a precarious space in an old empty house at the São Cristovão Neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. But, instead of the fragile scale and delicate building materials this time the cube gained a different scale and much more robust structure. Instead of fabric and paper to filter and diffuse the light; this time the planes inside the cube that fragmented its space were covered with transparent and translucent glass, and instead of counting solely with the sun light there was one lamp covered in red connected to one of the cubes corners.

Different artists occupied the house and the event worked as a way to contest how museums and art spaces were been run in Rio at the time. The choice of which space to occupy in the house was decisive, the work was built in order relate to the scale of a place in the old kitchen where the oven use to be, and because the circulation around the work was impeded, the way the public approached it was to confront it with their body and watching all the mirroring effects produced in its inside.


Another important element of this site specific was the use of color plastic paper to cover the nearest window, a very powerful strong source of light the window functioned also as a time passing device that altered the experience of the space during the open hours of the show. For, in every hour the color exchanged between the red covered lamp and the blue covered window changed, producing a gradient of different tones in the mixture until the red would finally conquer the blue by nightfall.


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