1. Measure of Dispersion
series / public art

2. Measure of Dispersion
series / sculptures

3. Measure of Dispersion
series / wall sculptures

4. Ascension
series / legos

5. Martyrdom
series / legos
6. Displaced
series / sculpture

7. Intersected
series / sculpture

8. Contortionist
series / sculpture

9. Harlem Turrell
series / photography

10. Oedipus Eyes
series / photography

12. Collision Collusion
video, painting

13. Icarus

14. Perceptible
series / sculpture

Gustavo Prado


Perceptible 9
_ Metal, Fabric, Light Bulbs, Movement Sensors
20 x 8 x 8'
São Paulo, March 2006

This installation placed in the entrance of a very busy cultural institution in São Paulo, was the first to focus entirely in the lamps as graphic elements and icons of the passing city landscape. The previous identity of the Perceptible installations of white structure and white fabric was now substituted all black fabric and structure. The two corridors had two different lamp positions, one of them had the lamps connected to the pillars and allowed for the spectators to cross it while activating the sensors inside; the other one had several groups of lamps hanging from the ceiling in progressing sequences of darkening tones of blue and different size sequencing lines. This corridor could not be crossed and had his sensors placed on the surrounding room in order to have the parallel transit of people activating the different sequences of lamps.

This installation was shown at the “Rumos” exhibition at the Instituto Itaú Cultural of São Paulo, in March of 2006.

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