1. Measure of Dispersion
series / public art

2. Measure of Dispersion
series / sculptures

3. Measure of Dispersion
series / wall sculptures

4. Ascension
series / legos

5. Martyrdom
series / legos
6. Displaced
series / sculpture

7. Intersected
series / sculpture

8. Contortionist
series / sculpture

9. Harlem Turrell
series / photography

10. Oedipus Eyes
series / photography

12. Collision Collusion
video, painting

13. Icarus

14. Perceptible
series / sculpture

Gustavo Prado


Artworks / Trespass (video)



Video 10:24
Rio de Janeiro, September 2009

Shedding light into private spaces.In Trespass (2009), the artist uses a handheld rectangular mirror to project the intense summer light into the interiors of several apartments, a game which becomes a means of illuminating the boundaries of private space. The artist began his promenade in a highly guarded upper class neighborhood in Rio, and ended at a psychiatric facility whose patients are unaccustomed to any kind of communication with those who pass by their gates.

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